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Toyota Engagement & Enablement Survey Results

Thank you to the Toyota team in participating in the Engagement & Enablement survey. Importantly I'd like to share the summary results with everyone.

90% of the team completed the survey which provides for a broad breadth of feedback across each department.

Both Engagement and Enablement scored at 79%. Favourable to the benchmarks of the Toyota network, our scores in prior years and industry norms.

Not withstanding that, there are certainly aspects we need to seek to improve in terms of how we operate.

Most importantly, From Here:

- Each manager will discuss with their teams what we have learnt as it relates to your specific team.

- The areas of opportunity within each team will be focussed on to better improve that aspect of being a team member within this business.

I appreciate the time and thought taken in completing the survey and certainly am driven to make this a great place to be part of.

Anthony Welsh


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